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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Will my number get banned using BlasterPro?

No. You won’t face any number ban issues from WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Zalo or Signal. Our system will send out your blast messages from random local numbers, not from your private number. 


2. What number will my receivers see when they receive my blast messages?

For WhatsApp blaster, our system will blast out messages from random local numbers (601). For LINE, Telegram, Zalo and Signal, it will be from random numbers or nicknames. 


3. Can i blast messages to different countries using BlasterPro?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you enter the country code for each number when submitting your campaign. Example, for Malaysian numbers must be (601), for Singapore numbers must be (65), for Indonesia numbers must be (62), and etc. 


4. Can my credits expire after purchase?

No. Your credits will not expire. 


5. Are reports available after each campaign is completed?

Yes. Reports are available 24 hours after campaign completion. 


6. Can I track open rates / read rates in the campaign report?

No. The campaign report will only indicate SUCCESSFUL vs UNSUCCESSFUL delivery. Unsuccessful delivery is usually due to the user as they did not install the application. 


7. Do I get charged for undelivered messages?

No, you won’t get charged for undelivered messages. Once your excel report is ready, our system will Auto Refund at the same time.

8. Can I chat with my receivers if they reply to my blast messages?

No you can’t as our system is a one way sender. Chat / reply functions are not available. 

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