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20 Customer Service Quick Replies for WhatsApp Marketing Business

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy is the most extensively used messaging tool for reaching out to family and friends, planning events, staying in contact, and much more. Aside from personal usage, have you considered using WhatsApp Marketing Software for business communications?

Since its inception in January 2018, the WhatsApp Marketing IdeaCorporate platform has been the most widely used business communication tool. WhatsApp Marketing Business is being used by 5 million companies to interact with their clients.

In fact, once WhatsApp Marketing StrategyCompany was released for small business owners in India, sales increased significantly because they were able to communicate with their clients one-on-one and handle problems on the fly, which was not possible with conventional text messages.

However, as a business grows, maintaining customer relations, remaining proactive on WhatsApp Marketing Software, and being able to provide support on the chat app can become overwhelming.

This is where the WhatsApp Marketing Idea Business API is useful. Brands now have the capacity to proactively communicate with their consumers to create a wonderful experience, thanks to strong capabilities like the ability to set up rapid answers and automate responses to typical consumer concerns.

But what kind of rapid responses do you need to have on hand?

Let's begin with a brief explanation of what rapid responses are.

What exactly is a WhatsApp Marketing quickreply, and what are the advantages of using one?

A WhatsApp Marketing Strategy Business fast reply is a pre-written message that you can quickly find, update, and send to a client in response to their message or enquiry. Customer care representatives regularly utilise these to respond to frequently asked queries.

The more queries you receive, the more time (and sanity) you'll save by responding quickly.

Using rapid responses simplifies your life in a variety of ways:

• They help you respond faster.

• They save time for your customer care representatives.

• They make it simpler to maintain a consistent tone of voice as a group.

While you'll be able to recognise some short responses on the go, we suggest having some prepared ahead of time.

For fast customer support on WhatsApp Marketing Software, build up quick answers and templates.

Here are a few Quick Replies you may build up based on a customer's or subscriber's stage and how or when they choose to communicate with your company.

Greetings messages

1. Hello there (customer name), Thank you for reaching out to our customer service team. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Greetings! We are delighted to meet you here at (organisation name). What can we do to assist you?

3. Greetings (customer name). We are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What can we do to assist you today?

Hours of availability

4. Our shop is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p. (add opening and closing time, example 9 am to 5 pm). You are welcome to visit us at any time throughout the week or call us at this number.

5. Hello (name), our customer service staff is accessible Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Message with a delayed response

6. I made a mistake! We apologise for keeping you waiting. We were out of the office for the whole time. Now is the time to ask any questions you may have.

7. We've had an avalanche of responses in the last several days, and we may have overlooked your letter. We apologise for the delay! What can I do to assist you?

Policies on refunds and returns

8. We accept refunds within 21 business days at (company name). Please see [link] for more details on our return policy.

9. Your reimbursement is on its way to you. Expect it towards the end of the year (mention the time span).

There are no discount messages.

10. The finest deals may be found on our website. There are no additional offers available!

11. Hello (name), we don't have any additional offers on our items right now. However, we guarantee that the quality will win you over!

Errors in technology

12. It seems that our website is experiencing technical difficulties. We're doing all we can to get everything back on track. Please be patient:)

13. We appreciate your patience with us. The problem has been resolved by our technical staff. Happy shopping once again! :)

Request feedback from happy customers.

14. Did you like our customer service? Please feel free to write a review about your time with us. It will just take a few minutes: [link].

15. You purchased ABC from our store recently. If you enjoyed your shopping experience, please let us know. If you'd like to leave us a brief review, please do so here: (link).

Notifications about products

16. You requested it, and we have it. (Product name) is now available again. It's just for a limited time, so act quickly before it's gone! (website address)

17. We're introducing our new (product name) collection today. Although it isn't currently available on the internet, would you want to get a sneak glance and pre-order one for yourself? Please respond with a yes/no response.

18. Our new product line is now available! Check them out and take advantage of a special 20% discount if you buy anything today. (website address)

Concluding remarks

19. Thank you for contacting us. We hope we were able to adequately address your queries. You know where to find us if you need assistance with anything else!

20. Thank you for taking the time to read this (customer name). We hope we were able to provide you with an answer to your inquiry. Is there anything else you need assistance with?

With BlasterPRO’s WhatsApp Marketing Idea, you can improve your customer service skills!

BlasterPro’s WhatsApp Marketing is the social media platform where your target audience is actively participating in discussions. So, when they contact you, don't forget to respond as quickly as possible.

This is when having a certified WhatsApp Marketing Strategy Business Solution provider, such as BlasterPRO, comes in handy. It enables you to set up rapid responses and manage all discussions in a shared inbox, allowing you to keep on top of everything at all times.

Talk to us now for FREE TRIAL DEMO.

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