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20 WhatsApp Blast Templates for Business Notifications: WhatsApp Blaster Message Template

One of the nicest features of the WhatsApp Bulk Sender Business API is the opportunity for businesses to use pre-approved Notification Templates to automate their customer conversations.

For organisations that are just getting started with WhatsApp Blaster Software Notification Templates, it's critical to understand what sorts of messages these may be used for, how to structure them, and how to have them authorised in accordance with WhatsApp Blast regulations.

If you're just starting started with WhatsApp Blaster, here's a quick introduction of the Message Template and recommended practises to get you started.

What are WhatsApp Bulk Sender Templates, and how do you use them?

Businesses use WhatsApp Blaster Software Notification Templates to give consumers consistent messages like appointment reminders, shipment information, problem resolutions, back-in-stock notifications, product launch updates, cart abandonment reminders, and more. Customers who have opted in to get such messages are the only ones who can receive them. WhatsApp Blast has pre-programmed and pre-approved messages that a company may use to start a discussion with a consumer.

You may have observed that as a WhatsApp Blaster Business user, you are unable to begin chats with consumers on the platform. Because it was designed for support agents to provide customer assistance, this is the situation. As a result, companies may respond to consumers' queries but cannot contact them first. Templates, on the other hand, can handle that little problem; you may start interactions with consumers by sending these predetermined messages.

Best Practices for WhatsApp Bulk Sender Templates

1. Grammatical rules

There should be no grammatical or spelling errors in the templates. Before submitting material for review on WhatsApp Blaster Software, it's a good idea to check it for spelling and punctuation.

2. Parameter for localization

Make sure the message's formatting is proper. Make sure you use the right number of curly brackets when utilising variable parameters such as 1, 2, and so on. On the left side of the variable, there should be two curly brackets and two brackets on the right side. The template will be rejected if the number of brackets is wrong.

3. Hyperlinks

If your WhatsApp Blast template has any links, please sure to provide the whole URL. Short links (i.e., links formed using a URL shortener like, TinyURL, etc.) should not be used. The destination of these connections is known to be obscured. Furthermore, the domain in the URL should solely belong to your company.

4. Name of the template

Make careful to use only lowercase alphanumeric letters and underscores when naming the message template. Additional from whitespaces, no other characters are permitted. Instead of 'pymt updt 01,' an acceptable template name may be 'payment update details.'

5. Use of Language

Messages should be written in the same scripting language as the template. For example, if you choose "English" as the template language but send the message in Spanish, the template will be denied. Also, check sure WhatsApp Blaster supports the language you want to use.

6. WhatsApp Bulk Sender Protocols

Create simple and short message templates that effectively communicate information to users. Message templates must include the appropriate 'Category' and 'Language' tags. They should not include any anything that is in violation of WhatsApp Blaster Software's Commerce Policy, such as abusive or threatening information.

Examples of the Different Types of WhatsApp Blast Templates

We've included several ready-to-use WhatsApp Blaster Notifications templates below. Remember that this isn't an entire list; rather, it's a starting point for your WhatsApp Bulk Sender notification campaign.

Remember to alter and customise these templates before delivering them to your consumers to ensure that your brand's distinct personality is communicated!

Updates to your account

Let's say the consumer already has an account with your e-store, but something has changed or a new account has been established. You can quickly notify customers about changes to their account settings or ask them to verify their email/account using the Account Update template.



You just become a client with us, which is fantastic! You must, however, confirm your email address. Please double-check the OTP that we sent to your registered email address. Thank you so much in advance!

Updates on the alert

'Alerts update' is a broad category that includes things like order placement, product restocking, and more.

Example -

- Notification of restocking


Our best-selling White Scarf is back in stock and ready to ship.

Grab it now before it sells out again!

- Your order has been received.


Your order money - INR Amount - has been received.

Thank you for visiting our store!

- Update on Shipping


Your order has been sent and is on route to you.

Your package will be delivered to your address on Date by Delivery agent's name. This shipping code may be used to track your order. We hope you like your new brand name!

- Your order has been delivered


Your item was successfully delivered. We hope you have a lot of fun with your new product name.

Thank you for visiting our store!

Update on the Discount/Offer

Use WhatsApp Blaster Software to provide targeted and timely automated updates to consumers about new offers and discounts.



Do you want to remain warm while still looking fashionable this winter?

Only for the next 24 hours, get a 50% discount on our statement hoodies.

Your new hoodie is only a few steps away!

‍Re-establish contact with a lead

Businesses may only contact with clients in the form of a template message outside of the 24-hour threshold, as previously stated. Let's say you got a question about one of your items from a consumer who looked genuinely interested in it but then stopped replying after a time. Maybe he was preoccupied with something else and forgot about the chat, or maybe he thought it wasn't the correct moment. There might be a million reasons for this, but your major concern right now is how to contact him. Don't be concerned! We've got the perfect solution for you –


We were unable to finish our talk the day before yesterday. Are you still considering purchasing product Name? Please react to this message with a thumbs-up ().

With BlasterPRO, you may use WhatsApp Blast Business API for your company.

Are you ready to take your customer communication and sales to the next level?

Get your FREE trial now and try out the WhatsApp Blaster Business API. With BlasterPRO, you can reach out to thousands of opt-in consumers, provide assistance at scale, and much more!

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