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Blaster for Whatsapp How to Blast Whatsapp Easily

To merchants who wish to utilise whatsapp & sms blaster as a promotional medium, we provide whatsapp blaster and sms blaster.

With only one click and automated follow-up through whatsapp and sms, this system will enable you conduct follow-up work for thousands of prospects. Take a look at the demonstration video below.

Everyone wants to conduct business today, we know. Everyone has learnt a variety of sales strategies. As a result, we made the decision to make it easier for you to follow up with prospects.

Most major organisations have people or teams who use whatsapp and SMS to follow up with prospects. The job seems to be easy, but it is really rather messy!

The Main Issue When Using Whatsapp Blaster & Sms To Follow Up Tired Work: If you want to copy a sentence, then open the prospect's phone number and then paste it. Shake hands with 1000 prospects if you repeat the procedure.

Troublesome work:  You must first save each prospect's phone number before you can follow up. You will not be able to send the message if you do not save. 

Manual Work: Everything must be completed by hand. It's not simple to manually send 1000 follow-ups every day.

As a result, the proprietors of this business hurried to purchase software for whatsapp blaster and sms blaster. But which system is the most suitable?

Functions may be found here. How Does This Program Work?

SEND AN EXCELL MESSAGE: All you have to do now is create an excel file, store all of the prospect numbers in it, and compose your message. Then you upload it into the system, and everything is done for you.

USE ON LAPTOP AND PHONE: This system may be used on both a laptop and a phone. Simply sign in and link your phone to the system. It's portable and may be used anywhere. It's no issue.

MANY PHONES May BE CONNECTED: You can connect as many phones as you want (depending on your purchase package). All of the phones will be used to send messages in turn.

USE YOUR PHONE AS AN SMS GATEWAY: Your phone will act as an SMS gateway, and all messages will be transmitted directly to your phone.

API SOURCE AVAILABLE: If you know how to programme and utilise APIs, you can use this system to integrate your company system. On the instructional page, the source API will be available eventually.

SMS AUTORESPONDER: With an autoresponder system, you may send prospects autoreplay messages. With ease, automate sms marketing.

SUBSCRIBER LIST: Keep track of your prospect list on a regular basis to make it easy to follow up with them. Can send out messages on a regular basis (sms)

SEND THE FOLLOWING TEXT: Simply copy and paste all of the phone numbers into the supplied box and press the send button. Save time and effort.

WOOCOMERCE INTEGRATION: Woocomerce users may use this plugin to follow up with prospects or send SMS messages to them automatically. Notifications from woocomerce will be sent automatically.

ANROID EMULATOR: If you don't have an Android phone, you may use this emulator. Install only on a Windows or Mac computer. Easily remove fumes from the PC.

If you're a trader, do you wish to save money on marketing by using whatsapp blaster and SMS? Before the price goes up, get this whatsapp & sms blaster programme immediately.

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