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How to Use WhatsApp to Market Your Products & Services in 3 Easy Steps

The famous messaging app has taken over our personal life. We use it every day to connect with our loved ones, as well as our coworkers and business partners. Why can't companies take use of the fact that their customers are already so engaged on the communication channel?

You may engage with consumers and market products or services to them using WhatsApp. Whatsapp marketing is a pull strategy in which the person begins a conversation (by messaging first), and the marketer just provides an incentive for him to start a conversation on the network.

WhatsApp was created in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, two former Yahoo! employees. WhatsApp had a long time to reach one billion members, but when it did, it did it for a stunning $19 billion. The company has already surpassed a billion monthly active users!

WhatsApp's success may be attributed to the benefits it delivers to its users, such as the opportunity to send free messages to anybody on the planet. It's also a useful business tool for customer-facing professions. For example, you might use WhatsApp to contact a driving school quickly and easily by sending them messages using the app, which is absolutely free. They may provide you additional information by text message, such as location data, which may help you avoid traffic, find a more efficient route, and so on.

WhatsApp marketing has a number of benefits. WhatsApp makes it simple to send free messages to people all around the globe. It does away with the necessity for expensive text messaging. Is it possible to send a text message from the US to the UK? It's completely free. Is it possible that your Hong Kong pal got a text message from Canada? It is completely free.

In terms of getting started, WhatsAp Business is similar to regular WhatsApp.

Tips to help you get off the ground

You must to create an account before you can use the WhatsApp Business App. The WABA app may be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices. Step-by-step, we'll take a look at the procedure.

Find "WhatsApp Business" on the Google Play/App Store.

Tap "OK" to accept the "Terms and Conditions."

Fill up your company phone number and other details after the app is installed on your mobile device.

Customize the settings to meet your specific needs.

Set up the option to pay using WhatsApp. In order to make and receive money over WhatsApp, you'll need this.

Your WABA account has now been activated.. Sending out messages to your contacts to let them know about your new company phone number is a good place to start.

The following are a few more things to bear in mind:

It is critical to have enough information.

It's important to keep the information on your company's profile accurate and complete. Include information such as the company's hours of operation, website, address, and a brief description.

Messaging software

Make use of messaging options like away messages, greetings messages and rapid answers to keep customers engaged.

Labels for chat

Use labels to keep track of consumers in conversations. Additionally, you have the option of creating your own labels and categorising people accordingly.

Create teams

Various groups may be created for different objectives.. As an example, loyal customers might expect to get frequent discounts, while new customers can receive product samples.

Broadcasting of a message

For your goods and services to be known to your target demographics, you need send out a variety of broadcast messages to your existing and potential clients. This will help people remember your company's name.

Tips & Tricks for Getting the Most Out of WhatsApp Marketing

Writing messages that seem to be spam is a certain way to turn people off from participating in conversation with you, so be careful while creating your content to avoid this.

All forms of communication, including social media marketing, need content that is simple to comprehend for those who will receive it. Focus on the process rather than who sends it. When it comes to utilising WhatsApp for marketing, the most important thing to remember is to make sure your messages originate from a reliable source (s).

Online classified advertising may be a cost-effective strategy to advertise your company if done properly. They may still be a powerful instrument for disseminating the message if used correctly. Classified ads are great since they can be used in combination with SEO and digital marketing efforts, meaning the number of people who have seen your ad will rise over time at no extra expense. Classified Ads may be combined with ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to target certain demographics or geographic locations.

Customers may then be enticed to take the next step by marketers through a call-to-action. Brands should include a default keyword in their links so that consumers may contact them and start a dialogue with them. When replying to offers, people should remember to use the same tone of voice as they would on any other channel (for example by mentioning a default hashtag that everyone can use). To ensure optimum efficacy, a company's WhatsApp marketing team should collaborate to create messages that are consistent with the company's brand identity across all platforms.

Gupshup, Gupshup, Gupshup, Gupshup

To integrate WhatsApp into your company, it's easiest to utilise a seamless, low-code platform like Gupshup. Your customers will be able to obtain immediate responses to their issues and concerns, as well as be persuaded to purchase other items in the future.

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