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Quickly broadcast WhatsApp ads without saving customer data!

Finish preparing the client database for blasting tomorrow using the Android version of the Autowasap Application. At the moment, just an Android version is available. The iPhone does not yet exist.

It's a trendy topic when it comes to WhatsApp marketing. An teacher told me that I should establish my own organisation.

Advertise in as many Whatsapp groups as possible, then use the auto reply approach to increase your activity.

Create a different WhatsApp status every day. (This is something everyone should do; if you haven't already, please do so) and the best thing about Whatsapp is....

There are many methods available, including blasting, bulk mailing, and broadcasting. The main drawback of utilising official Whatsapp apps, such as Whatsapp or Business Whatsapp, is that customers must first save your phone number. DO NOT SAVE; else, your message will be gone. The second option is to send individual WhatsApp messages to each of your customers.

With WhatsApp Broadcasting, you may send your advertisements or posts to up to 256 people at once! Easy. It's just impossible to predict if 256 people will see your ad.

Alternatively, you might advertise to each of your customers individually. This method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, yet it is effective. This is because you transmit your advertising separately, and the broadcast option does not enable you to disseminate your adverts completely.

How many of you would want to download Whatsapp one at a time?

How long do you want to spend executing the activity if you have 10,000 customers?

As a result, I'd like to provide AUTOWASAP, a programme that I personally use. Your consumers may broadcast in whatever size they desire. Unless the consumer does not use a Whatsapp number, the most crucial item is 100 percent till your ad.


You may also contact your own phone or utilise a txt or excel file. Isn't it simple, effective, and time-saving?

Latest! Here is also the developer in the Autowasap programme, and this is where the auto respond function is entered. As a result, you won't need to utilise many apps on your phone to carry out your boating activities.

The best auto-response ever. When you are not in front of a mobile phone, you may interact with your consumers. Although the robot responded, the setting came first. If at all possible, avoid making the schema phrase appear like a robot.

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