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Telegram is more effective compared to other social media platform

A buddy of mine inquired, "How do you want to establish a company on social media?" and "What platform is the best?"

Which is the best? Some say Facebook, some say Instagram, some say Twitter, others say Whatsapp, and some say Telegram.

I also informed him that every social media platform is useful for beginning a company, but Telegram is the greatest. The reason for this is because I exclusively do business via Telegram.

I use other social media as well, but I exclusively use Telegram and sometimes Whatsapp to connect with consumers.

I don't use Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, or any other social media since, in my opinion, social media are more or less interchangeable.

You must have your own website if you wish to improve. Put all of the material on the website, including images, corporate profiles, and other information; if people want to see it, they can simply type in the website URL and access and see all of the content.

It's not like Facebook or Instagram, where if a customer doesn't have a social media account, things are already tough; if you want to join, you can log in and access all information.

What's more, if you have your own website, you'll have your own email server instantly. Even if you are aware, pick a website that registers under MYNIC, since there is only one for the website and none for the email server.

You may ask me if you don't know how to build an email, if you want to register a domain and hosting, or if you need anything else linked to a website.

For example, my official website is, and if a person just clicks on that link, you can immediately see what material is included there. If you need to reach out to me, please send an email to

If you want to grow your following, Telegram is a good option since it has a lot of commercial promoters (PAID REVIEW) and the price is minimal compared to other social networking platforms.

An example of this kind of thing I created this sponsored review for as little as RM80 per link, and I promoted your company on 30+ channels with a total of 80,000 members. With no commercials on the channel, 300 times each month is possible.

You just add material to your channel, such as goods, business inspiration, advice, and other items, without having to deal with interruptions from outside commercials.

Subscribers are steadily rising, and you'll notice that even newcomers to your channel are now inquiring about the services you provide.

So, even in the name of business, there must be a step-by-step process. You must consider long term, for example, spend 3 months to build up Telegram followers, then employ a promoter that gives inexpensive paid reviews, rather than those who make mistakes like there are hundreds of thousands of people on this Telegram simply to promote channels.

It's not a negative phrase, but when you're just starting out in internet company, you'll need to save money. Look for a low-cost promo bundle; a monthly expenditure of less than RM300 is OK. Don't be one of the tens of thousands. You must inquire as to what he will provide you with, such as how to promote him to, and so on.

Telegram isn't the same as Facebook. When you install Facebook on a phone, it fills it up with data; however, Telegram does not work since it keeps data on its own server/cloud.

Most importantly, they are HAPPY. If there is information that we wish to erase, we may do so, and the message that we delete will no longer be saved on his server. The message is permanently destroyed after it is removed.

It's not like Whatsapp, where even if you delete a message, it remains on their server.

This telegram also features a channel and group medium.

This channel allows you to upload all of your stuff without having to worry about others commenting or messaging you. As a result, no external advertisements will appear on your channel.

In contrast to groups, when you submit material in a group, other individuals in your group may also upload stuff. It's distinct.

So, if you want to conduct business on social media, go with Telegram's channel. If you don't know how to use Telegram, I can show you how.

may share with you for free, but you must first pay for a review with me before I can share.

That's my contribution; maybe, it will be beneficial to businesses who are just getting started with Telegram.

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