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These Proven Whatsapp Marketing Strategies Will Help You Increase Your Sales

What is the fastest-growing social networking site on the planet?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are no longer in use. Whatsapp is presently the most popular social network in a lot of locations, surpassing Facebook Messenger with 700 million active members. WhatsApp users may send and receive unlimited text, video, and audio messages with no extra cost. You'll just have to pay $1 to download it, and you'll receive ad-free access as well.

For marketers, Whatsapp has proved to be a challenging opportunity to capture. You have to work harder to attract consumers to connect with your product when there are no advertisements, no media, and users who don't want spam-like messages.

The most significant aspect of Whatsapp is that you cannot send messages to individuals you don't know. You must first get an invitation from a client to become their point of contact.

Every marketer should know the five tried-and-true Whatsapp marketing strategies that may help them grow their consumer base and income.

Whatsapp's Brand Persona Requires a Refresh.

Whatsapp is used to connect with loved ones, meet new people, and even flirt with strangers. A corporation must make me feel as if they are a close friend in order to be included to my Whatsapp contact list. The first step in getting your company's Whatsapp number out there is to create a distinctive brand persona or character. Customers don't like impersonal company reps. Some of the most well-known businesses and organisations in the world have some of the most visible and active corporate cultures.

Your Whatsapp channel manager may have a name! Rarepink, for example, has a Whatsapp line staffed by customer service specialists who are constantly available to address issues. Business people on the move like how easy it is to connect with this person through Whatsapp, sending photographs of items they're interested in, asking questions, and even agreeing on payment and delivery terms. Following the release of its phone number to the public, the firm has witnessed a significant spike in online transactions through Whatsapp.

Another alternative for a persona is to create a fictional character whose only goal is to attract public interest. Absolut Vodka wanted to reach out to a younger population in Argentina to advertise their limited-edition Absolut Unique. They decided to throw an exclusive launch party since Sven, the "fictional" doorman, is notoriously difficult to please. When the whatsapp number was made public in all Absolut media and advertising, users started sending Sven messages, songs, and even indecent recommendations. Once a character has been created, it may be utilised to attract prospective clients at a number of events. You can view the whole case study here.

Tips: Make sure your WhatsApp number is prominently displayed in every medium in which your brand appears, such as television, print, email, social media, and search results.

By providing Great Value, you may build a phone database.

You'll need to provide something of value in exchange for people's phone numbers if you want them to join up for your service. This might be in the form of a promotion, a gift, a service, or crucial information.

The Delhi Police Department is a wonderful example of this. They decided to create an anti-corruption Whatsapp number and post it on all of their traditional print and outdoor communications due to the simplicity and popularity of Whatsapp. It was as easy as requesting that people send in images or videos of corrupt or inept cops. When 23000 Whatsapp messages came on opening day, the cops were taken off guard, and six policemen were arrested. The police were granted free access to a database that included the phone numbers of over a million individuals.

Unilever's Hellman's Mayonnaise wanted to extend the usage of its products in new recipes throughout Brazil. Customers could use the Whatscook Whatsapp line to ask chefs questions, get recipes, and share videos of their own cooking, all while helping the firm build a database of mobile phone numbers.

Create a marketing that appeals to customers to get them to give you their phone number. Give a promo or offer to someone you've recently connected to Whatsapp to start your friendship.

Give Away Free Relevant Content That Is Always Available

Building a phone list is just the first step. More people use WhatsApp than Facebook, with an engagement rate of 70%. That implies that you need to provide consumers with high-quality, relevant material in order to keep them interested in your brand. That's why our free community events and blog are so important to us at Found.

Dr. Amrik Singh, an Indian agriculture scientist, has developed a WhatsApp group called Young Progressive Farmers to teach farmers about water-saving, high-yielding contemporary ways of rice growing, such the material on weeding provided below as an excellent example. This solution provides a low-cost method to communicate with all farmers through a Whatsapp group. You can only have up to five groups on a single phone number, so as the number of users grows, you'll need more resources to keep track of them all.

In order to provide free business news, engaging interviews, and stock analysis from the best experts on the channel, Radio Interconomia has set up a whatsapp number. There is just a $1 charge for the channel, which allows for mass-scale two-way communication.

Serve Customers in a timely manner

Whatsapp has a 70% open rate, which implies that if your consumer is on whatsapp with you, your message is nearly assured to be seen.

A whatsapp customer care number from Banco Santander allows you to communicate with the bank, ask questions, and resolve concerns. During a 17,000-customer pilot study, 99.99 percent of participants said they considered the service to be very beneficial, and 98% indicated they planned to continue using it.

Reliance Labels, which handles premium brands like Diesel, Kenneth Cole, and Zegna in India, gives clients the option of staying connected with the company through Whatsapp. Customers were eager to learn about new products and promotions, as well as to see brand imagery in the form of images and videos. As much as 80% of customers who were on a brand's whatsapp list converted in certain circumstances.

Recommendation - Make sure you have enough staff to deal with client inquiries. Ignoring whatsapp messages for hours is the worst thing you can do. Make sure you have a person or people who are committed to traffic, and monitor their performance.

A study of consumer behaviour

Whatsapp has so far not been utilised much for research but provides a simple to use, affordable and rapid platform to perform some small study. There are several ways to get feedback from customers, such asking them about their favourite flavours or giving them a choice between new products that the company plans to introduce. You may use whatsapp to quickly communicate with your coworkers in the workplace as well.

For instance Delhi Police with their database of numbers may now start asking people questions about the particular regions in Delhi which they think dangerous or a college campus might run a short snap poll on what new courses need to be added. In several institutions, teachers are already using whatsapp to exchange notes, quizzes, and answers to common questions.

Once again, the price is RM1. Instead of months, it takes only a few minutes. When used properly, WhatsApp is unbeatable.

Keep in mind that whatsapp spamming is unacceptable, unethical, and ineffective. Instead utilise the structure of a persona, a strong value exchange, content and customer service to create leads and revenues utilising Whatsapp.

Comment below if you have any further questions or concerns about this topic.

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