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Using and benefiting from WA Blast for your business

Many businesses are already utilising Whatsapp to communicate with their clients on a regular basis. Businesses need these apps because they allow them to engage with their customers on a more personal level. Whatsapp Business is a terrific strategy to expand your business because it increases client interest in this two-way direct communication. However, what if you want to deliver messages to customers in mass via WhatsApp? Is this something that has to be done by hand or is there a feature that facilitates this approach?

Whatsapp Blast is a function that might assist you in implementing this technique. You can use the Whatsapp Blast functionality of the Whatsapp Business API to send many messages simultaneously. Sending the message is possible even if you don't have the recipient's phone number in your contacts. This is a great approach for businesses to contact a large number of people at once.

Some users, especially those who have recently started using Whatsapp Business, still confuse the phrases "Whatsapp Blast" and "Whatsapp Broadcast." Sending vast volumes of messages is the primary function of both. A native Whatsapp Broadcast feature is retained by Whatsapp, but it has a maximum of 256 recipients. If you use Whatsapp Broadcast, you must store the phone number in your contact list.

When it comes to the Whatsapp API, Blast is a third-party feature. Whatsapp Blast's features, on the other hand, are superior to Whatsapp Broadcast because you can send messages to an unlimited number of recipients without saving the recipient's phone number. As an added benefit, this approach will make marketing efforts more effective.

Using the Whatsapp Blast feature has a number of advantages.

1. Send blast messages to multiple contacts

With the Whatsapp Blast feature, you can send messages to an unlimited number of recipients. Using mass messaging to communicate with a large number of customers can help your business grow more quickly than if you don't use this feature.

2. Messages that are tailored to the recipient's interests and preferences are

The ability to include a contact's name in the message is an additional benefit of this feature. The recipient will feel more at ease with this approach. Text, emoji, and even graphic files can be used to personalise messages.

3. Market research into untapped or underserved areas

This feature also gives you the opportunity to reach out to previously untapped markets. You could, for example, hand out text and images on flyers to people you've never met. Your Whatsapp messages should have a 90% read-rate to increase user awareness of your company.

4. Direct feedback from customers

The main contribution of Whatsapp Blast is to help your business form strong bonds with customers. Businesses that frequently interact with customers via Whatsapp provide a better image. This will provide customers with in-depth business insights about your business, which will ultimately help increase your business sales.

How to use WA Blast?

After knowing some of the advantages of using Whatsapp Blast, you may be interested in using it. Here's how to use Whatsapp Blast:

Select and register Whatsapp Business API

The first step you have to do to be able to use the Whatsapp Blast feature is to register an active number on Whatsapp. After that, choose an Official Whatsapp Business Partner such as Qiscus to register the Whatsapp Business API.

Activate Whatsapp number and complete business profile

The next step is to choose one Whatsapp number that is activated to be a business number. You need to remember that this number cannot be changed and this number will get a verified badge or green tick as an official sign of business. After that, complete the business profile on Whatsapp with the appropriate data and try to look professional.

Whatsapp Blast

You can begin using Whatsapp Blast by logging in to the Official Business Partner you selected earlier after your account has been verified as a WhatsApp API. Then, you'll be able to create a list of phone numbers that you can use to send out blast messages.

Whatsapp Blast can help you find new customers and expand your market. As a result, your marketing efforts will be more fruitful and efficient. If you have any additional questions about this article or the WhatsApp Business API, please use this link to contact us.

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