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WhatsApp Messages: Why Can't I Click the Links? A common question for many WhatsApp users.


Businesses have begun using consumers' mobile devices to communicate with them as a result of the ubiquitous nature of these gadgets in our daily lives. WhatsApp, one of the many different mobile messaging applications that are now accessible, has developed as a popular platform for companies to interact with their customers. On the other hand, one issue that often arises for many companies is the problem of WhatsApp links in incoming messages not being clickable. In this article, we will investigate the factors that have contributed to this problem and discuss the ways in which BlasterPRO, the most widely used mobile blasting platform in ASEAN, may assist companies in resolving it.

Reasons Why Links on WhatsApp Cannot Be Clicked

If you use WhatsApp and get a message that includes a link, you may have observed that the link is inactive and cannot be clicked on. In order to visit the website or page, you will need to copy the link and then paste it into your browser. This occurs for a number of different reasons:

Technological Restrictions Inherent in the WhatsApp Platform

Because of WhatsApp's technological constraints, users are unable to click on links that are included in messages. For example, WhatsApp does not let third-party applications to immediately open inside the app itself, which means that it is not feasible to access a link while using WhatsApp itself. In addition, if a link is delivered in a message that is only formatted as plain text, it cannot be clicked on. They have to be in a format that allows the user to click on them, such as HTML or Markdown.

Taking Precautions Against Phishing and Spam as Security Measures

WhatsApp has established a number of safety precautions in order to protect its users from phishing and spam assaults. One of them is making it such that links cannot be clicked on unless they have first been validated by WhatsApp. This indicates that if a link has not been validated, it will not be clickable, and users will be required to copy and paste the URL into their browser in order to view it.

User privacy settings, as well as control over how messages are exchanged

Users of WhatsApp have a lot of control over the way their messaging conversations go, including how links are handled in such discussions. Users have the option to disable automated picture and link downloads, which helps protect their computers from inadvertently accessing potentially harmful URLs. Consumers also have the ability to block link previews inside messages, which stops information from being sent to servers controlled by third parties.

The Many Advantages of Using WhatsApp for Business

Despite the fact that links sent via WhatsApp cannot be clicked on, there are various advantages to using the platform for companies who want to communicate with their customers:

Strong open rates and level of engagement When contrasted with Conventional Channels

As compared to more conventional methods, such as email or SMS, WhatsApp messages have far greater open rates and levels of engagement. Customers are more likely to interact with WhatsApp messages since they are often personal and focused.

A Kind of Communication That Is Both Efficient and Cost-Effective In Reaching a Wide Audience

You may communicate with a huge number of people at a low cost via WhatsApp messaging. Unlike conventional routes, which may be costly and time-consuming, messages sent via WhatsApp can be delivered swiftly and simply to several individuals at the same time.

Capability to Customize Messages and Provide Real-Time Help to Customers

WhatsApp enables companies to customise their messages and provide real-time assistance to their customers. Companies have the ability to deliver personalised messages to particular audiences depending on the audiences' interests, locations, or past contacts with the business. In addition, WhatsApp conversations provide companies the opportunity to give quick help to their customers, which may boost both customer happiness and loyalty.

Let me introduce you to BlasterPRO.

BlasterPRO is the largest mobile blasting platform in ASEAN. The company offers a range of mobile blasting services to help companies connect and re-engage with their consumers by leveraging messaging apps such as WhatsApp, LINE, Zalo, Telegram, and Signal. The pricing offered by BlasterPRO are among the most competitive on the market, beginning at only RM80, and the company advertises high broadcast delivery rates, with an up to 90% success rate.

How BlasterPRO Can Support Your WhatsApp Marketing Efforts

BlasterPRO is able to assist companies in overcoming the constraints of the WhatsApp platform and improving their WhatsApp marketing efforts in a number of different ways.

By the Use of BlasterPRO, One Can Get Over WhatsApp's Platform Restrictions

The platform that BlasterPRO provides has the capability to turn plain text messages into clickable links, which enables companies to deliver clickable links to their consumers. In addition, BlasterPRO is able to assist companies with verifying their connections with WhatsApp to guarantee that they are clickable and in accordance with the security procedures implemented by WhatsApp.

Utilizing the Mobile Blasting Services of BlasterPRO for Efficient WhatsApp Marketing

The mobile blasting services offered by BlasterPRO can make it easier for companies to communicate with their clientele on the messaging platform WhatsApp. Businesses are able to deliver a more customised experience for consumers by using BlasterPRO's tailored and targeted messaging options, which are based on the interests and interactions of customers.

Increasing Client Engagement Using BlasterPRO's On-Demand Help

The platform provided by BlasterPRO enables companies to deliver real-time help to their customers via WhatsApp conversations. Customers may receive answers to their questions more quickly and don't have to waste time navigating through complicated support systems, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increasing Return on Investment (ROI) Because to BlasterPRO's Competitive Price and High Delivery Rates

Businesses are able to get the most out of their WhatsApp marketing efforts when they use BlasterPRO's services because of the reasonable price and high delivery rates (up to 90% success rate) that are provided by the company. Businesses now have the ability to reach a wide audience at a cheap cost and guarantee that their messages are efficiently delivered with the help of BlasterPRO.


The use of WhatsApp by companies to connect with their end users has been more common in recent years. In spite of the restrictions imposed by WhatsApp's platform, companies are still able to make efficient use of WhatsApp marketing to communicate with their consumers. Businesses will be able to overcome the constraints of WhatsApp's platform and improve their WhatsApp marketing efforts with the assistance of BlasterPRO, which is the largest mobile blasting platform in ASEAN. Businesses may increase their return on investment (ROI) by using BlasterPRO to send clickable links, give customised and targeted messages, provide real-time customer service, and provide personalised and targeted messaging to their customers.

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