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Why Is Everybody Choosing WhatsApp Message Blast Instead Of Social Media Marketing Nowadays

Social media marketing strategy has been in use for a long time now. It’s a good way to advertise your business and gain new clients. However, with the introduction of social media apps, businesses are adopting newer marketing methods that are more costeffective than traditional methods. One of these methods is WhatsApp messaging.

Since WhatsApp is an app that allows users to send text messages via their smartphones, it’s more costeffective than traditional social media marketing techniques like Facebook advertising and Google Adwords advertisements. In addition, users usually have their WhatsApp open on their phones; this makes it easy for businesses to send promotional messages. Users find these messages useful and will most likely make a purchase after receiving the message from their friend or colleague. Businesses prefer WhatsApp marketing over traditional social media marketing because it is cheaper, more convenient and effective. WhatsApp marketing is preferred over traditional social media marketing since it’s much easier and cheaper than traditional methods. Businesses choose WhatsApp over

Facebook because they do not need to pay monthly fees for an account on Facebook or other platforms. They can also send unlimited messages to potential customers via WhatsApp without affecting their profits much. In addition, users don’t delete the app after sending a message— they keep the app open on their phone so that they can continue receiving messages at any time. This makes it easy for businesses to advertise their services continuously without affecting profits much. Since the message is useful, most users will purchase after receiving it from a friend or colleague.

Social media marketing has been replaced by newer strategies like email marketing and SMS campaigns since it’s more costeffective than traditional methods like advertising on TV or online portals. Traditional social media platforms have also become too saturated for smaller businesses to gain new clients effectively. For this reason, companies turn to alternative strategies like email marketing and SMS campaigns instead of traditional social media marketing when there are limitations in terms of resources and clientele. However, newer strategies usually replace older ones so that businesses can keep up with the latest trends in advertising techniques and customer acquisition through technology-driven channels.

While social media has its advantages— especially for companies who have the time and money to invest in it — newer strategies have made it obsolete in some ways as WhatsApp messaging has taken its place as the go-to method of advertising nowadays. Companies no longer choose social network promotion over WhatsApp since both are equally effective at gaining new clients through SMS text messaging technology used by both platforms these days.

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